The goal of discipline at PUKA School is to help each child develop self-control, responsibility, and respect for him/herself and others. Our staff will continually strive to exhibit these qualities as a model for the children. Occasionally trying times will occur, and he following techniques will be implemented. At no time will corporal punishment, denial of food, restroom privileges, or abusive language be used by the staff to discipline the children.

  1. We want to teach the children that “words work.” For children who do not have language skills, teachers may verbalize for them and model behavior appropriate for the situation. Older children will be encouraged to use words to express feelings and work out problems.
  2. Another technique implemented is the “redirection of activities.” Sometimes, a change of activity is all that is needed to diffuse anger or frustration.
  3. “Time Out” may be used whenever a preschool child needs to calm down or be removed from a potentially harmful situation. He/she may sit in a chair away from the group for a maximum of one minute per year of age. This technique will NOT be used with children enrolled in the toddler or infant programs.
  4. Infant/Toddler discipline will be guided through firm and positive statements and redirection of behavior.

We have realistic expectations of children. A “bad day” is expected now and then from anyone. If, on rare occasions, these techniques do not work, the teacher will contact you. We will work together to make a plan that will meet the needs of your child. If further assistance is needed, the PUKA Director may be consulted.

If a child continues to have difficulty adjusting and coping at PUKA, termination of enrollment may result. At this time, the program Director will suggest alternatives for child care arrangements that may be more appropriate.