Health and Safety

In order to safeguard each child enrolled, it is essential that certain requirements be met and that there is full cooperation between the home and PUKA. These procedures will be followed:

  1. It is necessary that each child provide evidence of a physical examination within the last six months preceding initial enrollment. PUKA provides a form for this purpose to be signed by a licensed physician. Physicals must be updated every 2 years while the child is enrolled at PUKA. The child’s immunization record will also need to be kept up to date.
  2. Biographical data on each child, the family doctor’s name, and emergency contact phone numbers will be kept on file at PUKA for quick reference. Please make sure this information is kept current!
  3. Parents are requested not to send their child to PUKA if there is any uncertainty about his/her health. Children will be observed daily upon arrival and throughout the day. If a child exhibits any symptoms of illness, the parent may be contacted to take the child home. A complete listing of conditions identified by the Illinois Department of Children and Family Services that require exclusion from PUKA are provided under the Illness Policy Section.
  4. If the child develops symptom of illness while at PUKA, he/she will be isolated from the group until the parent can pick the child up. Parents should plan so that if such an occasion should occur, the child may be picked up promptly. The policy concerning contagious illness is:
    • It is required that the staff be notified as soon as possible if your child has been exposed to any contagious disease
    • If your child had developed a contagious disease, a physician will readmit him/her to PUKA upon submission of medical clearance
    • If an enrolled child develops a contagious disease so that the other children in PUKA are exposed, all parents will be notified promptly
  5. Prescription medicine can be administered to a child when the parent completely fills out the medicine chart. Over the counter medicine will also be administered as directed. No medication will be given to a child solely for lowering a child’s temperature without a diagnosis. However, if symptoms persist, we may recommend that your child be sent home or see a physician. All medication must be placed in the locked medicine box and signed in. Medications must be labeled with the child’s name and must be either picked up or otherwise disposed of by the parent when no longer needed. All medication is appropriately safeguarded for the protection of the children. All medication must be brought to PUKA in the original container. PUKA staff can only administer medication in accordance with the label or as indicated in writing by the child’s physician.
  6. Superficial cuts and bruises, which can be safely cared for, will be reported to the parents at the end of the day on an accident report form.
  7. Serious accidents will be reported to the parents at once and will also be recorded on the child’s record.