Withdrawal or Discharge

We require that two weeks written notice be given if you will be withdrawing your child from PUKA. If this notice is not given, you will be charged and responsible for the two weeks of tuition even though your child is no longer in attendance. The courtesy of notice assists us in filling your child’s spot without the loss of tuition income and minimal disruption of schedules.

Sometimes it is necessary, in the interest of an individual child or other children at PUKA, to cancel enrollment. Listed below are some possible reasons for canceling your child’s enrollment with PUKA. This list, however, is not meant to be exhaustive or inclusive of all the possible reason justifying cancellation of enrollment.

  1. The staff feels they cannot meet a child’s needs, or the child is not able to adjust to our routine.
  2. You fail to follow the procedures and policies of PUKA.
  3. Your child poses a threat to self or others.
  4. Tuition payments are delinquent.
  5. Failure to keep medical records updated.

If a child is withdrawn and later desires to be readmitted, a new enrollment process will be required. Readmission will be assessed at the time of application, and PUKA reserves the right to take into account the prior relationship and reason for withdrawal.