Center Communication

Parents are encouraged to speak freely about any concerns or complements regarding our facility or staff. The office has several ways to communicate with parents regarding any issues that you may want to discuss:

  • An open-door policy, please feel free to come in to discuss anything with the Director or Assistant Director
  • Place suggestions/comments in the suggestion box. These comments will be reviewed during the monthly Board meeting
  • Use the dry erase board on the office door or in the classroom to communicate any comments, concern or praise
  • Annually you will be asked to fill out an evaluation on the center’s environment and of the staff. Results of the evaluations will be conveyed to the parents after they are tabulated

These forms of communication are important to us. We are always looking for ways to make improvements and to meet the needs of our parents. By reviewing the parent and evaluation the PUKA Board of Directors can use this input to develop a written plan for program improvement.