Family Involvement

PUKA has an “open door” policy, which means that you or other family members may come to the center at any time to visit or observe your child. However, in the interest of not wanting to disrupt the classroom routine, we request that parents use sound judgment as to when their presence may not be in the best interest of their child and the group.

All adults participating at the center are expected to dress in good taste and exhibit model behavior. Smoking is prohibited. As part of the program, we request that adults refrain from eating or drinking items that are not supplied during our regularly scheduled mealtime. In other words, please do not bring in outside food or drink.

Parents and family members are invited to participate in the regular routines of their child’s classroom. Volunteers can participate by reading books, assisting with story dictation, helping with art projects, helping with lunch routine (health report required) etc. If you would like to become a classroom volunteer, please let the office and your classroom teacher know.

The center is always willing to take donations of toys, equipment, and craft items. When you do your spring cleaning or if your child outgrows their toys, please keep us in mind. Teachers may post notes requesting that parents bring in items for craft projects. We appreciate these donations at any time.