Staff, Student, and Parent Communication

The PUKA staff will communicate with families in several different ways to ensure that everyone is up-to-date on all the “happenings” at PUKA, and informed about the activities of each child. We also depend on you to share information with us that you feel would be helpful in meeting your child’s needs.

In all rooms, the teachers will talk with the parents daily and report any unusual occurrences during the day. Every parent will receive a written report about his or her child’s day.

A monthly newsletter will be distributed to help parents stay informed about special events at PUKA and other pertinent information

If at any time parents wish to discuss their child or the program at PUKA, a conference time can be arranged that is convenient to working parents.

Memos or letters regarding changes in policies, special events, parent education, or other information will be sent home with your child and/or posted at PUKA. Please take time to look at the parent information boards or materials that are sent home. Be sure to empty your child’s mailbox each day.

All staff, volunteers and parents need to relay information regarding individual children that affect their behavior at any given time (i.e., if the child has been restless or irritable or if any unusual incidents have taken place that might affect his/her behavior).