Inclusion Policy

Children with Special Needs

PUKA School, Inc. is an inclusive child care environment, and children with special needs will be accepted and accommodated if financially viable.

Students with special needs may be enrolled contingent upon the following stipulations:

  1. A copy of the child’s medical report stating limitations, restrictions, and medical conditions must be provided (and updated as necessary)
  2. A copy of any IFSP’s or IEP’s must be provided (and updated as necessary)
  3. The child will be assigned to a classroom according to their developmental abilities rather than chronological age
  4. PUKA School, Inc. employees may administer medications and treatments at the discretion of the School’s director and pending appropriate training
  5. PUKA employees are able to provide care for special needs of the child within the state licensing child/staff ratios- if additional staffing would be required to provide a safe environment for the child, other children, and/or the staff, the child’s enrollment will not be permitted, or will be terminated, until funding from an external source and/or the parent/guardian is secured; if a child is discharged based on this clause, the child’s parents/guardians have the option to receive assistance locating alternate care arrangements options
  6. Building adaptations to ensure the child’s access to and use of the building and grounds can be made; however, major adaptations (i.e., adding wider doorways, building ramps, providing larger bathroom facilities, etc.) are not financially viable
  7. A one week introductory period will be required prior to enrolling a child with special needs in an effort to determine the feasibility of providing adequate care while maintaining a productive and safe environment for the child, other children, and staff