Preschool Program

Children enrolled in the preschool program will have many opportunities throughout the day to explore and engage in activities that are designed to enhance their physical, social, emotional, and intellectual skills. Teachers will guide the children in learning to use words to express needs, wants, and feelings. A safe and nurturing environment is provided so that children may develop problem-solving skills and a sense of self-worth among their peers.

Learning Centers: When you visit your child’s classroom, you will see that it is arranged by interest areas. There are areas for blocks, table toys, books, dramatic play, tactile, water play, outdoor play, writing, and listening. The classroom is set up this way for two important reasons. First, it helps the children decide where they want to play and which materials they want to select. Second, it provides smaller, well-defined spaces that appeal to young children and help them feel secure. In this type of learning environment, children move at their own pace, learning to make age-appropriate choices and experience success as they use a wide variety of play materials. Special centers are set up each week to concentrate on the current learning theme. The shelves in our classrooms are all at the children’s eye level. The children can independently select the materials they need and return them at the end of each play period. The labels in the shelves and on the storage bins help the children learn where each toy belongs. This makes clean up easier, more fun, and offers another learning experience.

In addition to the interest area, group times that are more teacher-directed are also included. Children enjoy a variety of activities such as puppet shows, storytelling, music, cooking, science, pre-math, and others at these times. A schedule will be posted in each classroom. Lesson plans are posted weekly and are available for examination. However, we will take advantage of spontaneous events happening at PUKA that are of interest to the children.

Volunteers may assist in the classrooms under the direction of the teachers and help plan daily and weekly activities to be implemented with the children.

Items to be brought by the preschool children include:

  • A light blanket for rest time if they will be attending all day
  • A small pillow can be brought if desired
  • A complete change of clothes including underwear and socks

Please check your child’s clothes periodically to make sure they are appropriate for the weather.

Anything brought to PUKA should have the child’s name or initials on it. This includes the child’s clothing and items for Show-N-Tell.