Toddler & Twos Program

The toddlers and two-year-olds will enjoy participating in a program that is geared to their active learning style. Teachers respond with flexibility and adaptability to the changing needs of each child. These children will begin to have a more structured daily schedule, but with the understanding that individual needs are still of primary importance.

Young Toddlers: These children may need more attention to their custodial care. The teachers will communicate with the parents to determine whether the child may need an extra nap in the morning, or an adjustment regarding their meals and snacks. These children are becoming climbers and will need plenty of active time to develop their motor skills. Teachers will also be attentive to developing verbal skills with this group.

Two-Year-Olds: These children are often entering the wonderful world of toilet training! Parents are encouraged to discuss their toilet training techniques with the teachers so that we can encourage the same schedule/routine away from home. Teachers will not begin toilet training if the parent is not working on it at home as well. We will not force a child to sit on a toilet.

The two-year-olds: are developing an attention span that will enable the teacher to spend more time on learning skills. However, two-year-olds still require a large portion of time to be active, and we will accommodate that need.

Transitions: For a child to successfully move to the preschool group at PUKA, he/she must be 36 months old, fully potty trained and emotionally and socially ready to join that group. Usually, transitions are made from groups based on age and developmental readiness. Occasionally, transitions may be made or delayed according to space availability. It is not uncommon for mixed age groups to work and play together. Therefore, children may “visit” with other groups, especially if they may be moving into that group in the near future.

Learning Centers: Toddlers and two-year-olds are learning to make choices but do not need to be overwhelmed. Therefore, we will provide a modified learning center approach to introduce them to this form of activity. Many of the learning centers, while outlined for the preschool group, will be made available to the toddlers and two-year-olds at their level. However, where the preschool group may have all of the learning centers open at one time, the younger children may have two or three areas open at one time so they do not become overwhelmed with choices. They can participate in the teacher-directed centers and the child-directed centers at their own pace.

Volunteers may assist in the toddler and two-year-old rooms under the direction of the teachers.

Items that need to be brought to PUKA by the parents, such as blankets, sleepy toys, change of clothes, etc., should be clearly labeled with the child’s name or initials. The teacher will notify parents when items need to be replenished. PUKA will supply diapers and wipes. If your child requires a special kind of diaper or wipes you will need to supply them.