Name Position Years
Of Service
Qualifications Picture
Yemisi Pleasant-Sloan Director 1 BS Early Childhood
Food and Sanitation
1st Aid, CPR, Heimlich
IDC2, ECE 5, ITC 5

Angie Bartlow Asst. Dir
PreSchool Teacher-Age 3
11 BS Elementary ED, 21 ECE
1st Aid, CPR, Heimlich,
Food and Sanitation, ECE Credential Level VInfant/Toddler Credential Level IV, Illinois Director Credential II

Sherrie Rawson Inf. Teacher 13 BS Science, 21 EC Hrs 1st Aid, CPR
Heimlich, Food and Sanitation
soon to come
Rebekah Parker Inf. Teacher Assistant 11  AAS Early Childhood, ECE Credential Level IV, Inf/Tod Credential Level II, 1st Aid/CPR/Heimlich  soon to come
Jade Brown Inf. Teacher Assistant 1  Studying ECED, Food Service Sanitation, 1st Aid/CPR/Heimlich  soon to come
Andrea McMahon Inf. Teacher  2 Associates in Science & Bachs. in Universirt Studies,
1st Aid, CPR, Heimlich
soon to come
Jovita Alcaraz 2’s Teacher  1 Associates in Applied Science, 50 ECE hours, ECE Credential Level IV, Infant/Toddler Credential Level II soon to come
Symone Jones 2’s Teacher Assistant  1  BA Psychology, Food Handler’s Certificate  soon to come
Jessi Bathon Preschool Teacher  1 AAS in Erly Childhood, ECE hours,  ECE Credential Level IV soon to come
Susan  Featherstun Toddler Teacher Assistant  1  BS-Education Kindergarten-9th, 4 Middle School Endorsements, 1st Aid/CPR/Heimlich
 Jessica Jones  Preschool Teacher -Age 4  2.5  Studying ECED, Food Handler Certificate, 1st Aid/CPR/Heimlich, ECE Credential Level IV,  Inf/Tod Credential Level II
 Chazla Johnson  Floater  BS ECED, Food Handler’s Certificate
 Beth Fisher Toddler Lunch Coverage  AAS in ECED, Food Handler Certificate
 Jenny McCollom  Floater  1  BA English